Did you know that a hypermarket in South India, called LuLu Hypermart allows you to buy anything and everything through installment, with 0% interest?

Be it groceries, electronics, clothes or furniture, when you are checking out they ask you, diligently, if you wish to pay through installment…  How peachy is that!

Although it is nothing new to buy electronics and furniture through installment, it does come as a little shock when you find out that you can pay for your apples and oranges through installment.

It was the best culture shock of my life….

India has the highest percentage of population living below national poverty line in the world at 29.5%. So does it seem surprising that this company has decided to make things easier for it’s shoppers? Yes, and No.

Let me explain No first, its easier… It’s not surprising as someone has to step in and help those in need. personally I feel that this method is better than donating food or money. When the last morsel has been eaten and the last cents spent, what else would the poor families depend on? The installment program ensures that they are fed and does not depend on anyone but themselves to provide for their families.

Now the Yes.. Why is it shocking?

When anyone talks about India, it’s either the super good eg: rich culture, delicious food and diversity, or the super bad eg: the undeveloped, dirty roads with cows and more cars than lanes, the eve-teasing and other dangers. So naturally, we have an impression that India is an uncivilized, developing country with a rich history. So the shock comes when you realize that this “Uncivilized” country is being more civilized with its citizens then the  countries we live in.Perhaps it’s just a part of that country but it is still making a direct effort to better the lives of it’s civilians.

Our countries have come so far that we have multiple schemes and even more conditions to aid the financially challenged. However, while planning all this we have failed to provide for them the very basic necessity, self-respect. In a rapidly developing society, everyone is privileged to the point of being spoiled. These schemes are placed in order to make the under-privileged feel like “they are one of us”. Don’t get me wrong, these schemes are useful to an extent but still lets not pretend that once you are aware of someone’s financial troubles, there is a distinct divide being created..

By simply putting this plan in place, LuLu Hypermart destroyed that divide. People from all walks of life can enjoy the same luxury but at their own pace. No little girl has to be sad because her parents couldn’t afford the doll she wanted, she could have her doll and the parents won’t even have to save night and day for it, they can get it for her and pay for it at their own pace, without the sword of interest hanging over their heads. No household will go to bed hungry because there wasn’t enough food on the table and money to bring it there, the money can come later, you can have the food first. Hats of to you LuLu Hypermart, Hats Off to you!

I could only hope that the big giants in our countries come up with something like that.


The above art called The Wounded Lion by Raden Saleh. I chose it for this post because for me, it represents all of us who have been wounded by life, fate and destiny just still kept kickin’.


2 thoughts on “Installment

  1. Would sure be nice to have interest free installment shops, especially for medicine and important daily goods! No less fortunate person should be left unhelped when there are ways which they can be helped! Also ,the fact that you said that its a better way of helping rather then donation, is something I agree with totally, because donations are one time help, they are a method of preventio of poverty, not a cure. By having methods such as these, the rolling benefit of these methods can reduce the impacts of poverty in the long run! Excellent insight, phrased in a simple and consise manner! Good article!


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