Serenity : the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil.

I used to believe that serenity was something I had to master through multiple steps, that I could achieve it on command through meditative exercises.

What rubbish I believed in.

I learnt that serenity was a friend that you welcome with open arms. Trying to master it would be asking  your friend to enter your home, while being gagged and bound, without assistance. Not a calming image now is it?

I learnt that serenity was taking the time to focus and appreciate one thing at a time. Literally… I was sitting at a rooftop which had railings along the edges. There was no seating available so I sat on the floor, wishing there was a bench or something so that I could look out to the beautiful view around me, the vast sky above the many buildings, for all I could see was the was the tiny holes of the railing. The holes broke up the world into little pieces, blocking the impressive view. I would just look up at the sky, watching the clouds shift, feeling bored and disappointed…

Then today something strange happened. A loud crash came from the construction site beside my building and I looked through on of the tiny holes to see what was happening. My first thought was, I feel like an astrologist looking into a telescope and then it hit me…

You can always look up and be marveled by the vastness of the universe as you observe the small sparkly dots of stars in the sky, but you can only truly appreciate the beauty of the star when you condense its entirety  into the tiny lens of the telescope. Likewise, if I focus on everything that is happening in my world, I will be intimidated by the stress that each subject places upon me. Hence, I was only able to achieve serenity when I took the time to appreciative what was around me, slowly, one at a time.

I learnt that serenity isn’t something to be mastered, it was a choice.

If I wanted to be calm and peaceful I have to make the decision to slow down, to let the world pass by me yet be happy in the bubble I have created for myself. Most fear this as it seems like time will bypass you while you are taking the time to slow down your heart rate and now you will miss out on lot of things. But dear friend, there will come a day when time continues to tick while  your heart stop beating and you miss out on ALL things.

So why not take a moment to appreciate just how much you have right now?




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