There is a lot written for mothers. But not enough is said about fathers.

The bond between a mother and child is incomparable. It starts before life even begins and no one wants to imagine possibility of an untimely end of this bond.

But lets take a look at the relationship between a father and his child.

A mother always expresses her love and comforts you freely. Motherly love is so sweet and so soft, a complete opposite of what you would get from fathers.

Fathers often practices “tough love”. Their faces stern, questioning every aspect of your ambitions and life decisions. Making you wonder if you even have independence of will at all. In some way it also distances us from them as we feel that our desires are not respected.

Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps he was just equipping you with the necessary skills to fight the war?  So that one day when he is not around anymore, you can stand firm on your feet and face the challenges that will come in your way..

It doesn’t register in my head at when I am blinded by my desire to acheive something . Bu I do try to keep this in mind: fathers are the open sky for the kites of our ambitions. 

Whatever comes, at the end of the day, you know that the sky is there, you know you are going to be okay. A sense of security that is ever present.

Above is a piece from “A Monument To My Father” by Burmese Artist Htein Lin.

In his description he said “I am his son, in prison during his last days. I have recreated his time of death and funeral, so that I might attend it through art.”

Personally, I have put others before my father,and backed out from many bonding opportunities, under the common excuse that “we are not very close”.

Now this artwork has left me with a question gnawing at my conscience.

Do I share such a bond with my father that when I am 50 and he 80, I can say that I am his daughter and I have this memory I would like to preserve? 

Htein Lin:Recovering the Past is now exhibited at Yavuz Gallery, Gillman Barracks until 5 Mar 2017

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